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Grid false ceiling Rs.42/sq.ft only!
Lowest price false ceiling contractor in Chennai
Design false ceiling price is same price as plain false ceiling price!

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Goodway Interior is one of the experienced and lowest price false ceiling contractors in Chennai. We have more than 16 years of working experience in false ceiling works. We are expert in gypsum false ceilings, grid false ceilings and gypsum partition works. We can provide gypsum desing false ceilings at lowest pricing in Chennai. We always maintain quality in work while we provide the lowest false ceiling price.

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Chennai false ceiling price

Gypsum False Ceiling Price

Gypsum false ceiling price Rs.48/sq.ftGypsum false ceiling price Rs.48/sq.ft

Description: 12.5 mm Gypsum board and 0.35 mm GI channels including material and labour cost.

Grid False Ceiling Price

Grid false ceiling price Rs.42/sq.ftGrid false ceiling price Rs.42/sq.ft

Description: 24 mm grid and 7 mm PVC laminated gypsum tiles including material and labour cost.

Gypsum Partition Price

Gypsum partition price Rs.85/sq.ftGypsum partition price Rs.85/sq.ft

Description: 12.5 mm gypsum board and 0.4 mm GI channels including material and labour cost.

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